20 December 2016

Spiritual enlightenment, the eternal truth in the path of spiritual journey. All  of the devotees [ Sadhu’s] , spiritual leaders is in worship , like a slave. They got imprisoned in the world.  They do believe fervently God is the lord of the world  and  all men are his subjects. Anyone refusing to pay the  lord his due is swiftly  punished and  denied God’s mercy.

For many years I am going to different Akhra Bari[Sadhu’s own shelter place], watching them singing and praying in their daily life. I have seen them close and got fascinated about the way they live. But never could reach to be able to understand the level of spirituality they belong to. I travelled a lot and still travelling, trying to experience the journey they do. In this journey I experienced a world inside me where I have a projection of this community, where there is no presentation of current age. I tried to transfer that projection visually and show the journey rather then showing the present condition they belong to.